Why do you need managed services?

You’re psyched – you’ve got some new software that you’ve been assured will revolutionize how you do business.

An error pops up on your computer screen. Something isn’t compatible with something and there’s an exclamation point. That seems…not great…You glance at your phone. Should you call the software guy? Naahhh – you install software on your computer at home all the time. How hard could it be?

You do some Google searches. You try downloading some updates from various websites and try installing the new software. This time your computer blue screens and crashes.

Maybe when you restart it, it will work. As you wait for that to happen, you toy with the idea of calling the IT company who installed your servers. They’d probably know what was going on. But then again, you don’t want to get a huge bill for a callout service, when you’re still pretty convinced you’ve got this figured out.

[pullquote]It makes for predictable costs and it’s like insurance for your IT system[/pullquote]

A few hours and countless swear words uttered both in your head and out loud, and you realize that no, you don’t have it figured out, the salesman doesn’t seem to want to help, and IT is your only option.

They come out, they fix the issue (politely keeping to themselves that it could have been a non-issue if you’d consulted them first), and yes, you get a bill. It was more time and more money to come in and fix the problem.

So instead of calling IT as a last resort when everything’s gone up in flames, what could you do to make sure that any small fires don’t get out of control?

Managed services. You have a predictable cost for your monthly IT bill, like any other utilized service – phones, cable, etc., and if anything happens, you can call right away and not have to worry about whether you can afford whatever service will need to get done – it’s already covered.

It makes for predictable costs and it’s like insurance for your IT system – anything that happens, you know that you’re covered. Your accounts are monitored and taken care of. If something looks fishy or strange, then it may be fixed before you even know it’s a problem. Or someone  will call in to make sure that everything’s how it should be.

One bill and you know what it is, and you can work with the company to figure out just what is covered for just how much.

Business Needs Reliable Outcomes. They Also Need Reliable IT Services.

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