Why you shouldn’t replace your laptop with a tablet

The tablet. It’s lightweight, easy to carry around, and you have one of your own at home. As you set up your budget for the upcoming year, you take a look at the prices for laptops. Then you take a look at the prices for tablets. Tablets are cheaper. They’re pretty and shiny, and they’re portable in a way that laptops almost are, but aren’t really. You can hold it in one hand and easily show clients all kinds of useful information easily.

An idea starts to form. You should get new technology for your employees. And that new technology should be a tablet. Lighter, cheaper, and easier to use; they don’t need laptops, you can just replace them with a tablet.

You pick up your phone to put in an order. All of a sudden, your office fills with smoke. A burly man with a shirt emblazoned with IT Man on it has appeared before you.

What the…

He takes the phone and hangs it up as he says, “I’m IT Man, here to save you from yourself.”

You wonder what was in your coffee.

“I know you’re excited about this,” he explains, “You think the tablet can replace the laptop? It almost can. It’s good for convenience. Yes, you can get online immediately, and you can have email synchronized and view files.”

You nod your head. He’d read your mind.

“But think about typing on it for an extended period of time? Can’t do it. It’s harder to operate without the keyboard because the graphics can be small on the screen, and once you add a keyboard to it, you might as well be using a laptop.”

“The storage isn’t the same. The processing power isn’t the same. What can be done quickly and easily on a full computer may not work well or at all on a tablet. “

“Applications may not be supported, and if you’re downloading documents and sensitive information, what happens if you lose the device?”

You’re starting to think you’re great idea isn’t all that great.

“And when your employees come to the office, and they want to access the WiFi, are you ready for those extra devices?”

You shake your head. You’re not ready.

“If you have a system at the office where computers are connected, the tablet won’t be able to access folders and applications on the network. Most tablets you’re not going to be able to join a corporate domain, so how will they easily access information?”

As IT Man sees you thinking twice about replacing your laptop, he knows his job is done, and with another puff of smoke, he’s gone.

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