You’re fired! Can you still access company data?

You consider yourself a good employer – tough but fair. And you’re also a progressive one. To make your business more flexible, you’ve moved to a cloud based service. Things are rolling along smoothly and your employees seem happy and productive.

Joey is one of your employees and as such, he has access to the cloud. It’s where you have your business applications and it’s where everything can be accessible all the time.

Turns out Joey decided to move on to another job. Perhaps decided to move on is too nice of a phrase. Turns out Joey was pilfering petty cash on the side. You fired him – he was done, gone, out of your life. He wouldn’t cause any more problems.

Two weeks after he’s left, you see personal, private information from the company showing up in a competitor’s press release. Joey ended up accessing confidential information he shouldn’t have had access to after he left. You run to the IT office and find out that yes, he still had access, because you’d never put anything into place about what to do when someone leaves.


The cloud has become a ubiquitous part of the world both at work and at home. It’s where you can put all of your stuff and then retrieve it at will wherever you are.

Which is awesome.800px-Cloud_computing.svg

Until it’s not.

If someone leaves your business, do you want them still able to access mission critical information? Even if they’re not fired like Joey, is it still his/her place to know what’s going on in the company? And have access to proprietary software and documents?

And does everyone have access to everything? Should Joey really have been able to access the company’s financial records?

Make sure that there’s a clear company policy for who can access corporate data, particularly after someone has left. Leave no space for confusion – if someone leaves, let them go but don’t let them access your company’s private data.

Also set up clear boundaries for who has access to what online. Should all employees have, in effect, a master key to all the company’s data? Or should only some have that?

Be smart. Be prepared. Be ready to take Joey down. Figure out your cloud access for both current (and incoming!) employees as well as those who are gone.

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