You’ve got a backup, and it works? How to make sure

“We’ve got a backup, right, Steve?” Steve is your trusty in-office IT guru. He took some computer classes at college, and he knows what’s up.

“Yep, we sure do.”

“Great, keep up the good work.”backup

Steve’s nice. A good kid. He didn’t intentionally lie to you. He thought he was making backups. He really did. He wasn’t trying to be malicious; he didn’t have a long term plan to drive your business into the ground, lulling you into a false sense of security and then years later, wiping out all of your data.

But as it turns out, the backup that was “running” every week, was in fact not doing anything, and your company hasn’t backed up files in five years. So while he wasn’t intentionally malicious, the results were the same.

When the server crashed, you needed to restore from your backup. And there was no backup. Literally no records of your marketing notes, your invoices, your data that keeps your company a company that works.

You fire Steve, that feels good, but the good feeling is fleeting. You still don’t have a way that you know of to restore any of your systems, any of your data, any of your business.

How could you prevent this? Do a test restore of your backup every year. If you can’t literally see that your systems could get back up and running if the worst happened, you don’t functionally have a backup.

If you’ve done a test restore of your system, or had one done, then if something horrible happens, then you can get things back up and running in a matter of hours and not a matter of days.

Think of the cost of losing all of your data and/or days of work – wildly larger than the cost of IT support. Don’t just take Steve at his word; make sure that your backups are real and really working.

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